4th Quarter

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Clock is ticking. The end of the game is near and you are down. The deficit is big, but the ball is in your hands. The coach gives you full control to takeover the game because the team depends on your leadership to win. It’s the 4th quarter. You call the shots. What will you do? What plays will you make to ensure victory? How will you handle the pressure? No matter what strategy you use be confident in your gifts and put yourself in the mindset to WIN. Guaranteed you will take a victory lap when the final buzzer sounds!     

You all should know my love for basketball by now so it only makes sense that I gear you up for this article with a realistic, game-like, scenario going into the fall season. As a trainer and a coach, the amount of motivation I dish out on a consistent basis is endless. It is a part of my daily routine whether it is a simple text message to one of my clients, or talking to a group of young athletes looking to take their talents to new heights. A tiny ounce of reassurance makes a huge difference in how others go about their daily lives whether you know that or not. The more positive energy we give out to the universe, the more we will receive. Good karma.

By now, it is natural that some of us may have fallen off in some areas due to transitions, changes, and setbacks. However, it is up to you how you handle these situations. Will you carry them as a permanent injury and let it cripple you or will you use them as fuel that will motivate you so you can treat those injuries, heal up, and perform again? Either way, you have to make a decision and live with that. When it comes to health and fitness, the results start when you decide you want to make a change. It is very simple. The more you try to justify your reasoning for not going to the gym or putting the right foods in your body, the least likely you will ever become a better version of self. The choice is yours and like I said before, you have to live with that choice. If it were up to me, I would finish the year with power and strength no matter what struggles you have endured. But hey, what do I know? Only speaking from life experience.

Not sure if you all know who CT Fletcher is, but he is big name in the world of fitness. He was a world champion powerlifter and made a name for himself early on. Despite his success with pushing heavy-weight, he struggled with some health issues and had to undergo open-heart surgery. He is alive and well now due to his change in lifestyle. However, his willpower to overcome his circumstances has easily influenced others to follow suit and serves as inspiration in the fitness community. His famous acronym is “ISYMFS” which translates as: It’s Still Your MF Set” (can’t tell you what MF stands for, but I’m sure you can figure that out). The point is, just because you may be down, does not mean you are out of the game completely. You are in control of your success. It is directly correlated with the amount of work you put in and guess what? No one is going to do it for you! Take the reigns, get your hands dirty if needed, and grind it out these last few months of 2017. Stay the course and FINISH YOUR SET.

Lena Thomas

Personal Trainer

Business Owner (Lean Machine Training LLC & S W E A T by LMTä)

Sports Coach (Basketball & Track)

BS Kinesiology concentration in Sport and Exercise Science (Wayne State


Instagram: @lmtraining @sweatbylmt #leanmachinetraining #sweatbylmt #coachlean


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