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4EVER39 Launches a New Kind of “Retail Therapy”

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Well-Loved Investment Advisor Starts Clothing Company for Women “Of a Certain Age”

“I want to cater to the middle-aged woman with love, humor, and most of all, compassion. This is a movement to inspire women.”

That is the vision behind Iam4EVER 39, a new clothing line started by well-known speaker, mentor, and financial guru Gail Perry Mason. She is loved around the country by the young people she mentors in her summer “Money Camps” and the women to whom she speaks about empowerment and how to go from “full-figured” to “seven figures.”

The concept is designed to create a different kind of retail experience that embraces middle-aged woman and gives them opportunity, space, and encouragement to support one another.

“Most women act like BRAS,” says Gail. “They keep you lifted, they stay close to your heart, and they never leave you hanging!”

Picture this: a “Pump & Sip” event that allows women to “wine down” (pun intended) with a glass that is weighted down with a small weight. The women will be able to select various clothing items (t-shirts to begin with) from a new array of sizes: “Petite,” “Medium,” and “Used-to-be-petite.” “Large will never be mentioned in our store,” promises Gail. Participants will be able to buy fun wine glasses with miniature weights, T-shirts and pants to remind them of the fun they had…and to remind them to win(e)d down at home as they continue to exercise and keep fit.

This new retail concept will bring together women who are divorced, married, widowed, single and allow them to interact, socialize, and shop without intimidation or judgment, in a low-stress, interactive, and fun environment. “Women do so many things, and many of us are involvement in movements and causes,” explains Gail. I am now inviting women to a movement about love…loving ourselves and loving each other.”

“Every woman has a story,” she concludes. Gail’s story is a dramatic one that keeps her grounded and grateful. Rejected by a mother because of her mixed race, adopted by a kind woman a 3 years of age who was told her little girl would never walk or talk, told by the investment firm where she worked as a secretary that she would never be able to pass muster as an investment professional, now a Vice President at a prestigious investment brokerage firm, Gail works to make sure that young people and women of color have access to the same kinds of opportunities that she and her colleagues now enjoy.

Gail reflects on the recent events and the MeToo Movement as she says, “Now is truly the time for something like this…this is another way for we as women to connect and share dreams and strategies and hopes and tears.”

She concludes with her mission in a nutshell: “It is so important that we as women keep each other lifted!”

For more information, email Gail at; and/or visit Gail Perry Mason’s Author Page on Facebook.

Gail Perry-Mason, of Detroit, has come a long way, from foster care to caring for others. Gail is a respected authority in the financial industry. And now she can add bestselling author to her list of accomplishments. And it’s her years of experience coupled with her down to earth but also down to business style that has made her a sought after speaker and presenter. She regularly addresses capacity crowds educating people on financial literacy and has conducted financial training sessions and workshops for companies such as DaimlerChrysler, IBM and Wells Fargo. Her regular national speaking engagements include keynote addresses at the University of Notre Dame and at the NAACP Image Awards Women’s Reception. Gail’s wisdom also hits the airwaves and she co-hosted an award-winning talk show entitled “Building Wealth,” via radio broadcast on MIX 92.3 and a television broadcast on Comcast Cable. She has appeared on national outlets such as BET, Fox News, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR Radio. Gail was also recently a featured financial speaker at the 2014 Essence Women’s Festival.

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