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Fresh Lifestyle Magazine is proud to announce its 2017 BOOK AWARDS!  We are looking for books and book authors that write to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE, UPLIFT, ENTERTAIN OR EDUCATE THE HUMAN RACE.   

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Please email nominations to:

Include:  Name of Book, Authors name, Website of book author, contact information for person making the nomination and contact information for the book author.  *name, phone number and email address.   *(YES, authors can nominate themselves)

***Also include a brief description on WHY this book deserves special recognition.

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Honorees will receive the following:

***A Certificate from Fresh Lifestyle Magazine

***Title of “Award Winning Author” added to their bio and resume

Optional PR campaign:

***A Feature Story written about them in the magazine

***Social Media Blitz

***Press Release

*** One year Banner Ad connecting your book website to our magazine to help boost your sales for the year

and/or a One Year listing in “Our Favorite Things” Directory

***You will also receive a FREE Ticket to our Fresh Lifestyle Magazine – POWER BALL!   This is an elegant and star-studded event where you will be recognized and honored.  A wonderful party and reception with food and music, for networking with powerful leaders, writers, business owners, professional athletes, entertainers, artists, musicians and more!  Attended by honorees from across the country!

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